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Whitening for Sensitive Teeth: Making the Most of Your Treatment

Whitening for Sensitive Teeth: Making the Most of Your Treatment

For many years, teeth whitening potentially increased tooth sensitivity. If you already have sensitive teeth, the very idea of them becoming more sensitive sounds like a nightmare. However, newer products and techniques make it possible even for people with sensitive teeth to get a whiter smile.

At Chester Family Dentistry, our expert providers have two goals. First, we want you to enjoy outstanding oral health, and second, we want you to love your smile. For that reason, we offer different options for teeth whitening and make sure you have one that’s appropriate. 

In this post, we offer some information that you may not be aware of when it comes to having your teeth professionally whitened.

The exam is important

Before we discuss teeth whitening, we want to make sure that you’re a good candidate, and that means giving you a thorough dental exam. If you have sensitive teeth, we also want to figure out why.

Around 80% of tooth sensitivity begins with the gums, not the teeth. In fact, sensitivity can be a sign of gum disease. Other causes can include: 

Those may seem like scary problems, but don’t worry! We can help. Once we understand why you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, we can treat the issue and then whiten your teeth without worry. 

The benefits of professional whitening

If you’ve been in the tooth care aisle of a drugstore recently, you’ve probably noticed how many different over-the-counter whitening products are available at a range of price points. Why should you come to our office for whitening?

As we’ve already noted, if you have sensitive teeth, we need to address that problem first. Also, there’s a big difference between over-the-counter products and the products we use in our office.

One difference is the professional-grade formula that we can use, which is much stronger than the formula used in over-the-counter products. Another difference is the fact that we protect your gums and cheeks carefully so you don’t experience any irritation.

Another crucial difference is that we make absolutely certain that the whitening product is applied evenly to each of your teeth so you get consistent results. Using do-it-yourself products, that consistent and even coverage isn’t always possible.

A healthy, beautiful smile is possible

It’s possible to have both healthy and beautiful teeth, and we can help. When you come to Chester Family Dentistry, we first address any sensitivity problems with your teeth and gums, then help you achieve the brighter smile you want. Schedule your visit today, and let’s get started.

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