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Oral Appliances




Hard/Soft Night Guards

(Soft cushion around the teeth, then hard outer layer to protect against grinding)

Nightguards protect teeth from wear and damage accumulated from grinding throughout the night. It can also improve TMD (temporomandibular disorder) and decrease headache frequency. 



Custom Sports Mouthguards

We can make mouthguards that are team/school colors or a combination of them. We can also add numbers or names for a small additional fee. Custom Sports mouthguards provide optimal dental protection for athletes since they are made individually guaranteeing proper fit and support. In addition to preventing dental trauma like fractures and avulsions, some studies show proper fitting mouthguards can decrease incidence of concussions. 



Clear Retainers

For patients that have had former orthodontic treatment, implants, or are concerned their teeth are beginning to shift, we fabricate clear, plastic retainers. They are a light, thin, clear material that forces teeth to maintain their current position and are usually worn overnight. These are ideal for patients who may have lost their old retainers, or are looking to update their old worn-out one. 



Custom Whitening Trays

We fabricate custom, soft, flexible plastic whitening trays. These ensure that when bleaching teeth, the whitening solution is evenly distributed and held in place so that optimal whitening is achieved. 



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