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Velscope Exams


At Chester Family Dental we strive to provide top-quality care to our patients utilizing the best technology available. That is why our office provides Velscope exams with regular routine care at no cost to our patients. Velscope is an intra-oral scope that uses tissue fluorescence to detect changes in the oral tissue that may be early indicators of oral cancers. Velscope exams require no dyes or staining, and take only minutes to complete. If tissue changes are detected with the Velscope, sites can be then biopsied for definitive diagnosis. Risk factors for oral cancer can include smoking, smokeless tobacco use, excessive sun exposure, HPV (human papillomavirus), excessive alcohol consumption, and family history of oral cancers among other factors. Like most cancers, early detection is key when combating oral cancer. Velscope provides a non-invasive, effective screening method to help early detection of any cellular changes in the mouth.


CLICK HERE to visit the Velscope website to learn more.




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