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Dentists always have one goal -- to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. But sometimes excessive damage or decay requires a tooth extraction. When you need an extraction, you can rely on the experience of Dr. Ana Chester and Dr. Amy Caicco at Chester Family Dentistry to keep the process pain free and simple. If you live in Trumbull County and have any dental concerns, call their office in Warren, Ohio, or schedule an appointment online for a free consultation to assess your dental health.

Extractions Q & A

Why might you need a tooth extraction?

The doctors at Chester Family Dentistry may not be able to save a tooth that’s badly damaged by decay, physical damage, or an infection. Or you may need to have an extraction if you have more teeth than your jaw can hold, causing an overcrowded mouth and misaligned teeth. Another scenario is that a baby tooth may need to be removed if it doesn’t fall out in time to let the permanent tooth grow in properly.

Extraction is often necessary to remove impacted teeth, which is commonly seen in wisdom teeth that get stuck in the jawbone rather than growing in normally. In some cases, Dr. Chester or Dr. Caicco must remove extra teeth that grow in behind a row of perfectly spaced teeth.

What happens before a tooth extraction?

Before deciding to remove a tooth, your dentist performs a thorough exam and takes X-rays to determine whether an extraction is required. The X-rays also show the position of tooth roots and the condition of the surrounding bone, which is important information for planning an extraction and anticipating potential problems.

She also reviews your medical and drug history to be sure you’re healthy enough to have an extraction and talks with you about options for anesthesia. Most extractions only need local anesthesia, but you may consider additional sedatives if the extraction is complicated or more than one tooth is being removed.

How is a tooth extracted?

The procedure for extracting your tooth depends on the root placement and the condition of the tooth. When the tooth is above the gum line, the tooth may only need to be gently loosened and pulled out. If your tooth is impacted or severely damaged, a small incision may be required to extract the tooth.

Dr. Chester or Dr. Caicco may place a small amount of bone-grafting material into the socket after the tooth is removed. This helps preserve bone volume, which is important when it’s time to replace the extracted tooth.

It’s normal to experience mild discomfort following tooth extraction, but it’s usually relieved with over-the-counter products. Your dentist provides post-extraction care instructions, and you should be back to normal within a few days.