Why Clear Aligners Have Gained So Much Popularity

Beautiful straight, properly aligned teeth can do wonders for your smile and for your self-confidence too. But the fact is, perfectly straight teeth are hard to come by in nature. Many people have misalignments ranging from mild to severe. While milder alignment issues may be primarily a cosmetic concern, when alignment issues are more complex or severe, they can cause other problems too. Crooked or crowded teeth are harder to clean, and that means they can also be at an increased risk of cavities and decay. When crooked teeth interfere with your bite pattern, you can wind up with a painful condition called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ, a common cause of chronic jaw pain and headaches.

Fortunately, alignment issues can be treated with orthodontics; but unfortunately, for a long time, that meant wearing metal or ceramic braces, typically for several years. That’s a long time to deal with the hassles that go along with a mouthful of wires and brackets. Today though, clear aligners provide an alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces, and as it turns out, they’ve proven to be a really popular alternative — not just among teens, but among adults as well. Here are just a few reasons why so many patients at Chester Family Dentistry are choosing clear aligner systems over “regular” braces.

Clear aligners are virtually invisible

Just as their name implies, clear aligners are, well, clear, which means while you’re wearing them, they’re really difficult to notice. In fact, most people would have to get up close and really stare at your teeth to even get a hint you might be wearing them. People who choose clear aligners cite the discreet design as one of the most popular features, helping them have treatment without feeling self-conscious about the way their teeth look.

They’re really comfortable

The MTM® Clear Aligner and ClearCorrect® aligners we use at Chester Family Dentistry are custom made for each patient, so they fit securely and comfortably, even while you sleep. Plus, because they’re made of durable plastic materials, the aligners are completely smooth. That’s a big difference compared to traditional braces with sharp brackets and wires that can irritate your lips.

You can eat what you want

With braces, you have to be careful about the foods you eat, avoiding pretty much any food that’s really hard or really chewy. That’s because those foods can break wires or get caught in the brackets that support them. With clear aligners, you just slip the aligners off to eat your meals and snacks, so you can continue to enjoy all the foods you love.

It’s a lot easier to care for your teeth

Trying to maneuver a toothbrush floss around wires and brackets takes a lot of practice and effort, and it probably seems nearly impossible to floss in between your teeth with those wires in the way. With clear aligners, you simply slip them off and brush and floss just like normal, making it a lot easier to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy throughout your treatment.

Your treatment can be faster

Due in part to their custom design, the unique materials they use, and the way they’re designed to shift your teeth into proper alignment, clear aligners can help you achieve your goals faster, which means your treatment can take a lot less time compared to treatment with regular braces. Many patients can complete their treatment in a year or less.

Having straighter teeth can help you feel more confident, and because properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean, having your teeth straightened may also help you avoid cavities and gum disease later on. Plus, clear aligners can be used to treat almost all the same alignment issues that can be treated with traditional braces, so that means there’s a really good chance they could be a great choice for you too. To learn more about the aligner systems we use at Chester Family Dentistry or to find out how aligners can help you get a more beautiful smile, book an appointment online today.

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