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The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Maybe you hear a lot of complaints from your loved ones that your loud snoring keeps them awake at night. Snoring isn’t just an inconvenience or irritant. It’s also a common sign of the serious medical condition known as “sleep apnea.”

If you have sleep apnea, obstruction in your airway stops you from breathing normally. Sleep apnea can harm your health in multiple ways, even potentially shortening your lifespan.

The good news is that your dental care provider may be able to help with sleep apnea. At Chester Family Dentistry, our team of dental and oral health experts are here to help you, and your loved ones, rest better at night, protecting your lifelong health and wellness. We treat new and existing patients from our location in Warren, Ohio.

If you get a lot of complaints about snoring, here’s the important information about the risks of sleep apnea that you need to have!

The health risks of getting poor sleep

Modern life doesn’t take sleep into much account. Most people feel tired at least some, if not all, the time, at least if you listen to adults in the United States talking about the issue.

Did you know that medical science has shown the health benefits of getting enough sleep? The evidence shows that adults need seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night.

Sleep disruption or insufficient sleep commonly result in symptoms of irritability, fatigue, and loss of ability to focus. Not getting enough sleep can put your health at risk and even shortens your likely lifespan.

Sleep apnea and sleep disruption

As many as 2-9% of US adults live with some form of sleep apnea, a common cause of lost or broken sleep. However, many don’t realize that they have this condition. Recognizing the signs of sleep apnea is key to reclaiming your rest and lifelong health.

Sleep apnea can cause additional symptoms beyond those related to lost sleep that can clue you in to the root cause of your troubles. You should watch out for signs and symptoms of sleep apnea including:

Once you realize you have sleep apnea, you can take steps to address the condition and protect your health and longevity.

Obstructive sleep apnea and your risk of other conditions

Intervals of breathlessness during your sleep cause your blood oxygen levels to drop. Blood oxygenation issues contribute to fatigue and memory issues.

Sleep apnea can co-occur with other chronic conditions. Your sleep apnea may be a symptom of your other conditions or may cause your health to suffer in additional ways. Serious chronic conditions frequently linked to sleep apnea include diabetes, asthma, and hypertension.

Being overweight or obese contribute to your risk of developing sleep apnea and can also be related to other health concerns.

Addressing your sleep apnea

At Chester Family Dentistry, we help our patients identify and address sleep apnea. If you find it difficult to tolerate a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine at night, we can help with a custom-fitted oral appliance that’s similar to a mouth guard designed to keep your airway open all night long.

To rest better at night, and protect your health from the dangers of sleep apnea, schedule your initial consultation appointment with the team at Chester Family Dentistry online or over the phone today.

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