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Same Day Crown: What to Expect

Same Day Crown: What to Expect

Ana Chester, DDS and our team at Chester Family Dentistry in Warren, Ohio, are known for providing premier dental services in a setting that’s designed to lower your stress and save you time without sacrificing the quality you deserve.

Learn why same-day crowns crafted with the CEREC® Primescan AC platform meet Dr. Chester’s high standards for smile-worthy care that’s designed with your safety, comfort, and satisfaction in mind.

Why would I need a crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that’s carefully sculpted and sized to cover the visible portion of a weakened or damaged tooth.

Dr. Chester may recommend a crown to:

Manufactured from high-quality porcelain or other material fashioned to mimic the appearance and strength of your natural teeth, dental crowns are long-lasting and easy to care for with daily brushing and flossing and routine dental exams. 

The CEREC difference

The process required for a traditional crown typically requires several office visits so that your dentist can:

Once the lab returns the crown to our office, you must schedule another visit to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown fitted and cemented in place.

With the CEREC Primescan AC system we use here at Chester Family Dentistry, Dr. Chester can prep your tooth, create a permanent crown here in our office, and cement it in place on the same day.

What can I expect during a same-day crown procedure?

Following an exam that typically includes dental X-rays, should he recommend a crown, Dr. Chester discusses the benefits of same-day versus traditional crowns as well as what you can expect during and after the procedure. 

Generally, however, a same-day crown procedure typically involves clearing away decay and other steps to prepare your tooth for the crown.

Dr. Chester then uses intraoral photography to capture 3D images and measurements of the targeted tooth or teeth. After he selects a block of dental porcelain that’s shaded carefully to match your natural tooth coloring, the 3D images are used to create a digital template that the computer-aided CEREC machine follows to form your crown to the correct shape and size.

Once the CEREC system creates the crown, which takes just a few minutes, Dr. Chester customizes the fit and cements the crown in place. Made from the same high-grade materials as traditional crowns, same-day crowns can last for 25 years or more.

For more information about same-day crowns or any of the other services we offer, schedule a visit at Chester Family Dentistry in Warren, Ohio today. 

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