Cosmetic Dentistry: Understanding What Will Work Best for You

Cosmetic dentistry is the fine art of rejuvenating your smile. To get technical about it, this type of dentistry refers to a variety of procedures that treat a number of oral concerns. Dental issues such as cracked, chipped, missing, or simply discolored teeth can all be rectified with specific cosmetic treatments.

The decision to proceed with a particular treatment depends on the severity and complexity of your dental circumstances. And it isn’t always just to get that movie-star smile. One of the reasons to consider this form of dentistry is that a large portion of people in the United States, around 30% in 2015, report that their oral health is fair, or even poor.

There’s a misconception that cosmetic dentistry is done simply for reasons of vanity, but the number above suggests otherwise. Your reasons may be a mixed bag — part vanity, part oral health — but regardless, you see cosmetic dentistry as a need. You want and need the confidence that comes with teeth that look their best.

That’s where Chester Family Dentistry comes in. Our team of experienced, compassionate dentists and support staff helps you decide the best way forward.

What cosmetic dentistry treatments are available?

At Chester Family Dentistry, we offer an array of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including:

In addition, shaping, bonding, and orthodontic treatments are common procedures for those wanting to realign their smile and reshape their mouth.

How cosmetic dentistry can work for you

Not all treatment options are best for everyone. There’s no one size fits all. Once that’s understood, it’s far easier to shine a light on what’s suitable for your situation.

The best solutions depend on a few things, but it all starts with you.

First, ensure you’re fully armed with the information you need to move forward with confidence.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Write them down, if you need to.

You’d be surprised at how many people wish they’d asked a few more, but thought their questions were silly. Ask yourself, what’s important here?

Second, continue to initiate discussions with your practitioner. Your treatment is an ongoing and collaborative effort. Talk about your expectations. Together you can come to an agreement about what results are achievable

This can be quite daunting at first, understandably, but remember, you’re solving a problem for the long-term.

That’s enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Your future awaits

If you’re ready to get past the pain and embarrassment of unsightly or missing teeth, and enjoy the confidence boost that cosmetic dentistry can provide, let the team at Chester Family Dentistry be your guide.

We offer expert advice, individual assessment, customized treatments, and ongoing care. We’re conveniently located in Warren, Ohio, just northwest of the Youngstown area.

You’ve already cleared the biggest hurdle, making the decision to do something. Take the next step today: Call our office or book your appointment using the online tool.

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